Privacy Statement

Last updated on February 20, 2019.


This is the privacy statement of Fors Distribution LLC (“Fors”). The statement applies to all Fors software applications, websites and services. As a general rule, users of our software applications and services are anonymous to us, and we have no feasible ways to identify you. However certain categories of data may be collected while using our applications and services, and some of this information may be considered “personal data” by the law. When we collect personal data, we generally act as a “data controller” as defined in applicable law. The exact categories of data we collect, why we collect it, and your opt-out choices depend on the application or service you use, as is more fully described below. When we post changes to this privacy statement, we will include the date when the statement was last updated. If we significantly change this statement, we will notify you about the upcoming change via our website or using in-app notifications. We encourage you to review this statement periodically.

User-submitted data

Certain pieces of information we will only process when you submit it to us. For example, to create an Fors account we may ask for a preferred username and an email address (to authenticate the request and for password recovery). Alternatively you can use your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or VK account to sign in into an Fors account and access our services with the same profile. In this case we may collect your name and email address from these social networks. You can delete or modify the submitted data using your profile page. We retain any data up to seven days after you’ve discontinued your Fors account in case you change your mind. Note also that Fors allows you to sync your browser data, such as Speed Dial entries and bookmarks, between devices that have another Fors browser installed on them. Profile sync relies on your Fors account and follows the same privacy approach. If you decide to participate in a promotional campaign, we may ask for your name, age, or postal address. If you submit your phone number or email address on a download page, we may send you an application download link via SMS or email for your convenience. We will use this data only to provide the services you have requested and will not retain your data any longer than necessary to fulfill that specific purpose. If you’re not comfortable with us using this data for this limited purpose, then don’t provide it to us.

Anonymous usage statistics

When you install an Fors application, a random installation ID is generated. We may collect this identifier, as well as your device ID and hardware specification, operating system and environment configuration, and feature usage data. We use this information for certain legitimate business purposes, namely: To understand better how people interact with our applications and services; To enhance, modify, personalize or otherwise improve our applications and services; To determine the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and advertising; To detect, debug and fix crashes in our applications and services; To prevent security breaches and abuse. In short, this information helps us to improve our products and services. We have no practical way to use this information to identify you personally. We may store this usage data up to three years. If you would like to learn about your opt-out choices, please refer to our help pages.


To provide you with more relevant news content in certain countries and languages, we collect some information about the articles you read in the application’s native news feed, and your general location. This information is linked to a randomly generated News ID and may be stored on our servers up to three months.

Personalized ads

Based on advertising IDs and your general location, some of our mobile applications may serve targeted ads. These ads are provided by our monetization partners. You can always adjust your personalized ad choices in the application’s “Settings” menu or through your operating system’s settings. We collect this data pursuant to our legitimate business interests. As noted in our End User License Agreements and Terms of Service, our applications are ad-supported. Collecting this information helps us offset the costs of our business and helps provide a more personalized experience for the user.

Crash reports

If an Fors application crashes, we collect a log that includes some information about your browser’s version, your operating system, platform and some memory data related to the crash. We collect this data with the sole purpose of improving our products and services. Crash logs are kept for six months. If you visit our websites, we may collect your IP address to help diagnose problems with our servers and to administer our websites. We use IP addresses solely for this purpose and keep website access logs up to six months.

Feature-specific data points

Malicious-site check. We use a fraud prevention framework and check the URLs you visit against lists of known, malicious websites to protect you online. We don’t store or share this data. Default search engines. When visiting some search engine websites, the website may query if it is set as the default search engine in the application’s settings, and suggest to set itself as the default search engine.


We use cookies on our websites for session management and retaining your settings or preferences. We may also use third-party cookies to collect visitor statistics and measure our marketing campaigns. If you would like to reject third-party cookies, please configure your browser’s settings accordingly.

Children’s privacy

There are no guarantees that children cannot enter our websites or use our applications without parental consent or notification. Therefore, we require children to include their parents in the download process, and we encourage parents to read this privacy statement before allowing their children to use our applications and services.

International data transfers

When we do collect personal data, such personal data may be transferred to partners in countries outside of the European Economic Area with a lower level of data protection than that provided for under European law. Whenever we do so, we require that our partners agree to the European Union’s model contracts for the transfer of personal data to third countries (also known as the “standard contractual clauses”) to ensure adequate protection of your personal data.


We are very open about privacy and recognize your trust as a great value. If you have any questions about this statement or any privacy issues in our applications or services, feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer via this online request form or by post: Fors Distribution LLC

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